The fine line between success and failure is separated by a commitment to professional excellence and a will to succeed. We understand that data security is critical to your business. EraseIT is committed to meeting your business challenges and legislative requirements with a secure asset disposal solution.

Secure, timely and environmentally sensitive disposal of computer equipment is a major challenge for all organisations today. Unwanted or superseded equipment takes up valuable storage space. Decommissioning on site is costly and demands considerable human effort – posing a logistical challenge during major equipment upgrades. At the same time, there is usually value in your unwanted IT equipment – which you are unable to recover to offset the cost of future investment.

Most importantly, the leakage of corporate Intellectual Property when disposing of IT assets is a very real and significant concern – and an unacceptable risk.

EraseIT offers an industry-leading, end-to-end service to eliminate this risk.

Equipment Decommissioning

Just as it is critical to set up and configure an asset for use, it is vital that it is decommission

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Secure Data Erasure

“When looking at PC disposal, environmental risks are only the tip of the iceberg. Increasingly, d

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Sales and Remarketing Services

EraseIT has industry-leading expertise in selling used IT equipment. Your assets will be sanitized &

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Equipment Redeployment

If you would like to reuse existing equipment within your own organisation or a subsidiary – or wo

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Equipment Disposal

EraseIT offers a disposal service for IT assets, fully compliant with environmental legislation and

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