Secure Data Erasure

“When looking at PC disposal, environmental risks are only the tip of the iceberg. Increasingly, data security and privacy risks are foremost in mind when clients start looking to formalize PC disposal processes.” Gartner, Inc.

An organisation’s data represents its greatest asset. When disposing of unwanted IT equipment, there is a significant risk that this data may fall into the wrong hands. Merely deleting data is usually insufficient – magnetic, optical and solid state media may retain recoverable data that could put your Intellectual Property at risk, potentially releasing your confidential information to competitors or damaging your brand and public reputation.

You can trust EraseIT to provide the highest level of security to effectively destroy any trace of decipherable data. Whether your assets are to be disposed of or remarketed.

Once assets are decommissioned, and based on your requirements, they can be sanitized or released from quarantine as IT assets for purchasing or disposal.

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